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Welcome to the site of Radim Zenkl - mandolin player, composer and instructor. Radim's style features progressive original and eastern European traditional music flavored with string jazz, new age, bluegrass, flamenco, rock, classical and other. The US Mandolin Champion is redefining the mandolin and its role in music by designing new mandolin-family instruments and creating new playing styles. He has invented a masterful technique, the "Zenkl style," in which a single mandolin sounds like two. Besides collaborating with the top musicians of the acoustic music scene, Radim has built up an extensive repertoire for solo mandolin. In the recent years he added a variety of ethnic flutes to his concerts and recordings.

"Radim Zenkl has reinvented the mandolin in several different ways!"
- David Grisman

Radim on stage - 1
Radim on stage - 2

Live at the NAMM show

Live at the California Worldfest



Music sample - "Twin Peaks"

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